“"Be at war against: "It’s always been done this way."
Attack problems, don’t accept them for what they are.” – Jared Kushner”

Surprise packages are ALWAYS fun!

Brown knit.
“Ever use a quote and someone else counteract it with another?
-Me: Didn’t Otto von Bismarck once said: “Only fools learn from experience. I prefer to use the knowledge of others.”
-Friend: Yeah, but Mark Twain said “Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.””
— As seen on Facebook.

More of The Big Purge of 2014

I spent the majority of my day yesterday doing a ton of work in my living room.  Last night I posted one bookshelf that I had cleared.  That bookshelf has been removed from the house.  I’m not sure if I’m going to set it on the curb or use it in the garage.

Here’s a few more pictures of some of the work I did…

These two are some older “before” pictures that I had elsewhere showing the bookshelves that I made.



Here’s what that space looks like now.


I have one bookshelf left (full of homeschooling stuff that I need to price for the booksale next month) to clear and remove.


There’s still much left to do but I made a ton of progress yesterday.

"Come Play With Me!"

This was written on a mural at the Children’s Museum.  I thought it very fitting.

I tried to teach my child with books;

He gave me only puzzled looks.

I teach my child with words;

They passed him by often unheard.

Despairingly, I turned aside;

"How shall I teach this child?" I cried.

Into my hand he put the keys;

"COME," he said, "PLAY WITH ME!"

When was the last time you actually just played with your children?